At ROMH, we commit and live our core values through our self-manifested P.A.G.E. These are the fundamental pillars of our business management philosophy that underlies our societal commitment, our client promise and our pledge to our people. HOVER over the images below to find out more about P.A.G.E.


We are devoted to providing a service that is professional to our clientele that is consistent with international best practices. We take pride in our work and apply prudence in our craft, skills, and abilities to ensure a value proposition of the highest standard.


Humanity (Ubuntu) is embedded in our approach and our business conduct. It is the ultimate expression of our Africanism rooted in our organisational culture and our Afrocentric engineering solutions based on sustainability principles.


We are committed to maintaining a high level of integrity and transparent honesty in our conduct. Reflected in our ethics, a strict moral code is instilled and maintained by our professionals during client and community engagement.


We are continuously striving for excellence in quality service provision to our clientele. Our expert professionals and management systems are poised for effectiveness and efficiency in all that we do.