Our team comprises of vibrant, passion-driven, young and experienced professionals with over 50 years' combined experience. We work well as a team, serving our communities and clients. We produce exceptional quality work with expertise and professionalism.

ROMH Consulting is driven by inspirational relationships and personal connections infused with "ubuntu". We strongly believe in a healthy balance between the needs and aspirations of our people and our quest for profit earnings.

What to expect from ROMH Consulting as an employer:

  • A challenging high-pace environment

  • A vibrant team with a collective effort

  • Working with young professional people with passion and energy

  • Well disseminated responsibility and accountability

  • Working closely with communities and clients

  • Ongoing professional development, mentoring and personal growth

  • Respect of a well-balanced social life


If you are interested in opportunities at ROMH, please email us at info@romh.co.za